Recurring Payments

Automated payments help you earn recurring revenue

Customers are automatically charged for their subscription orders on a repeat basis. Sit back and relax while Ongoing helps you earn predictable income you can count on.

The Recurring Payments Tool You’ve Been Looking For

Ongoing combines three powerful Subscription tools in one interface:

  • Recurring Payments – Ongoing handles all of your subscription payments and keeps a log of all orders so you can see how much you’re making
  • Recurring Billing – View all customers who have subscriptions orders and track how they are charged automatically
  • Subscription Discounts – Learn how to entice customers to spend more by buying a discounted item on a repeat basis with custom subscriptions feature

Recurring Payments Help Increase Revenue

See how to increase your sales by offering products on a repeat basis, and giving your customers the convenience of automatic subscription deliveries.

Just create a subscription product with three clicks, and you’re on your way to increasing your sales!

Ongoing gives you everything you need to get started with offering and accepting repeat payments from customers. Our easy to use app let’s you create subscription plans and displays them beautifully on your product page.

Instead of selling a product once, subscriptions help your customers become addicted to your brand and subscribe to a product on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

Offers Customers Peace of Mind

Want to have your customers “set it and forget it” with subscription products? No problem, we’ve got you covered.

Customers place an initial subscription order on your site and reap the benefits of getting the product delivered to their doorstep on a regular basis without ever having to enter their credit card info again.

Just make some subscription plans available on your product page, and that’s it! We’ll take care of everything else.

Ongoing helps process subscription orders from start to finish, which makes it the best tool for subscription management.

Recurring Payments Create Repeat Customers

Do you want repeat customers who come back again and again to buy your products? Of course you do!

Ongoing helps you gain repeat customers which helps you create a steady and reliable revenue stream.

 Repeat customers help lower your overall acquisition costs because you can cross-sell to your current customer base.

You can also gain deeper insights about your current customers through their buying patterns and behaviors.

Makes Forecasting Future Revenue Easier

Want to know how much you’ll be making next month approximately in revenue?

Selling subscriptions can help you with that.

Since subscriptions are sold on a monthly or repeat basis, you can easily project next months revenue.

This can be super helpful for organizing and maintaining your finances, but also helps to make your business more valuable if you have MRR (monthly recurring revenue).

Automatic Charges Can Help Your Company Scale

Selling subscriptions on your Shopify store can help your company grow and scale.

By having a company that accepts recurring payments, you can beat out your competition who only offers one-time purchases.

Grow your online store by converting one time sales into recurring transactions.

Accepting recurring payments helps you increase your revenue, customer base, and can give you the cash you need on hand to scale your business to the next level.

Keep Track of Subscription Order Payments

Ongoing helps you keep track of all your subscription orders in one organized convenient location.

Having a list of all your subscription orders can help you stay on top of things!

See how many orders you have, projected orders for the next month, which ones have been fulfilled or cancelled.

You can also easily see your customers profiles, make changes and see all order details with one click.

Automatically Recovers Failed or Missed Payments

If your customers credit card fails and the payment doesn’t go through, Ongoing is there to help.

We use our “smart retry” logic to automatically attempt billing the customer again.

This smart retry logic helps to recover payments that would otherwise be lost, and end up as a cancelled subscription.

Ongoing has Dunning Management built in to help keep customer payments coming in smoothly.

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Transform your store into a reliable source of recurring revenue. Subscriptions help encourage loyalty, lower acquisition costs, give you more cash on hand, and offer cross-selling opportunities